Hi people. miss me? awwhhh me too!! xx hehe okay sorry cause i'm rarely update mah blog. its because im busy with school and business. Business? oh ya i've started to do business online ;) and alhamdulillah everything's goes well. i sold clothes for girls with a very reasonable price ;) check it out on syajar wardrobe (click here) *sempat lagi promote weh* hahaha

its a family business. started with my eldest sister, my second sister and me. we planned to do business online just for fun sebenarnya. hahaha plus my eldest sister already have a daughter. its twins so she want to quit her job for take care of her daughter. her husband busy with work and her mother in law are old and can not afford to take care of the twins. so thats why.

she planned to quit her job and do business online. but in this time i'm the one who take care of it sebab my akak yg second tu busy with her studies and got no time for this thing. my akak sulung pulak tak berhenti kerja lagi and me? sekolah di tingkatan 5 but still ada masa sikit lah untuk meniaga :) 

why syajar wardobe? hahaha syajar sempena nama my anak buah. in my old post i've told you i got anak buah. its twins and sorang nama Aisyah. sorang lagi nama Hajar. so we combined it jadi Syajar so thats why jadi lah nama kedai kiteorang Syajar Wardrobe. hehehe xD

there's a lot of my friends mcm terkejut bila tahu i've started online business. hahah dorang mcm "like seriously do?!!!" hahahaha. memula tu mcm excited lah. but lama lama kene tahan sabar sbb cam penat. sbb ada customer tak leh nak amek brg kita terpaksa tolong hantar kan. and ada customer yg dah order kita dah pack semua tetibe dia cancel. haaa yang tu paling sakit hati. buat what to do kan? sabar itu separuh daripada iman :p

so i've told you about my family business online. and please kindly visit our blogshop. dont worry, we'll give you discount if you buy more :p and you can pm me on twitter NiniNinjaa. and please kindly like our fan page on facebook just type Syajar Wardrobe. thankyou for spend some time to read this post. hehe God bless you. Assalamualaikum ;)

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